Magnetic Lash Bundle

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9 to 5 lash is ultra-classy and luxurious, this is the perfect everyday lash. Classy enough for work and elegant enough for a cocktail hour afterwards! 6 magnets, 5mm - 11.5mm lash length, trimmable!

Get ready for a night out with the girls! You're sure to turn heads with the fabulous Ladies Night lashes. 6 magnets, 5mm - 13.5mm lash length, trimmable!

Always be photo-ready! Make a statement with the beautiful and bold Selfie lash! 6 magnets, 6.5mm - 14mm lash length, trimmable from both ends!

Wonderlash has a medium volume, naturally curved lashes, with a cat-eye flair, feathery and ultra-realistic. Faux mink downy tips give this lash a soft look and feel. Evenly dispersed fine lashes. Trimmable from both ends, 6 magnets, 4mm – 12mm lash length.

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